Fans Hobby

Add On Kits

MBA-01 MB-06 Power Baser Marvel Styled – Review in Process
MBA-02 MB-06 Power Baser Toy Styled – Review in Process
MBA-03 MB-06 Power Baser Upgrade Set – Review in Process
MBA-04 MB-08 Double Evil Upgrade Set
MBA-05 MB-12A Nite Walker Trench Coat

Full Releases

MB-01 ArchEnemy – Review in Process

Coming Soon!

MB-02 Megatooth
MB-03 Feilong
MB-03A The Red Dragon (Convention Exclusive)
MB-03B The Red Dragon (Public Release)
MB-04 Gun Fighter II –
Review in Process
MB-05 Flypro
MB-06 Power Baser –
Review in Process
MB-06A Black Power Baser –
Review in Process
MB-06B Purple Power Baser
MB-06C V2 Power Baser
MB-06D Orange Power Baser (Sold in Set with MB-11D)
MB-07 ??
MB-08 Double Evil – Review in Process
MB-09A MB-01 Trailer – Review in Process
MB-09B MB-04 Trailer – Review in Process
MB-10 ??
MB-11 God Armor – Review in Process

MB-11A Black God Armor

MB-11B Purple God Armor
MB-11D Orange God Armor (Sold in Set with MB-06D)
MB-12 Athena – Review in Process
MB-12A Nite Walker
MB-12B Wheel Blade (TFcon Exclusive)

MB-13 Ace Hitter

MB-13A Red Buzzer
MB-14 Kap

MB-14A Flame Breaker

MB-14B Arson (TFcon / Asia Exclusive)

MB-15 Naval Commander

MB-16 Lightning Eagle

MB-16A Machine Eagle
MB-17 Meg-Tyranno

MB-18 Energy Commander

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