BotCon 2022

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For more than 20 years, the lifelong Transformers fans here at Agabyss have been dedicated to providing our customers access to the best collection of the coolest robots, and a variety of other collectibles from around the world. Albeit we’ve grown as a company over the years, we’ve never lost touch with our roots as fans ourselves, and we are dedicated to remain a company that is devoted to keeping the fanbase at its core. That will never change!

Dating back to 1994, BotCon has always been THE collector’s convention and a show for fans of all ages and interests. Known around the world as the preeminent Transformers and Robot fan event that created an unforgettable experience for many of us. Now, we are honored to join BotCon’s legacy and bring the fun and excitement directly to you this summer through the return of the one and only BotCon.

We have so much planned for you this summer as we organize 2022’s big return, so stay tuned for more announcements about show events, exclusives, and guests! We can’t wait to see and hang out with everyone this summer in Nashville, Tennessee, over the FOUR day event starting August 25-28.

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Finally, it is most important to follow and monitor the current state of the Pandemic effecting all of us. We understand the need to be cautious, and safe, as conditions evolve and change. Botcon takes the safety of its attendees very seriously, for more information on all of our policies regarding Botcon, please visit:

BotCon 2022 – We can’t wait!!

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